All you need to know about India’s first electric supercar- Azani !

Electric vehicles have been a major aim for India since the past few years. Several startups have been working on their various products and technologies to create a space for India in the global electric vehicle market. However, Mean Metal Motors group is ready to make a significant addition to the Indian automobile industry with its first electric supercar- Azani.

Mean Metal Group- Who are they?

It is a Bangalore-based Electric vehicle startup, founded in 2012 by Sarthak Paul. Currently, there are 22 members working on their team on different aspects. As per the core leaders of the team, Each member of the team has adequate exposure to build what they want to and there is immense passion running in the team. Their teamwork and collaborative strategies are a strong suit for this project.

Let’s Meet Azani-

The supercar has a stunning appearance with its LED headlights, unique bumper on the roof, and the wheel arches which add a sense of style to it, making it the center of attraction, especially for car enthusiasts. Overall, the opening look of Azani is a treat for the eyes.

MMM Azani

Here are some key highlights of the swanky car-

  • The car can cover 550-700 km on a single charge and can go from 0-100 kmph in less than two seconds at a top speed of 350 kms.
  • Covering the claimed range, the four wheeler has a 120 kwh battery pack.
  • The supercar can stir 986 bhp of power from the  electric motor.

The company plans to set a whopping amount of approximately Rs.89 lakhs for Azani. It is expected to arrive in the latter half of 2022. The company has not yet spilled the beans on the interiors of the cars but this one is sure to be the star because of its elegant design.

Mean metal motor’s Azani is going to consist of notable technologically advanced features. They have made sure to use micro facilities to reduce the cost fairly with increased efficiency rate. It will bridge the gap between technology around the globe. This is for sure a good step by the startup.

MMM Azani Side View

In the words of the founder himself, Mean metal motors are putting an effort to increase the pace of electrification process for India. They want to change the country’s production methods and make them equivalent to the west while covering the shortcomes of proper infrastructure.

MMM Azani Top view

The first Indian electric supercar is a much awaited one and it becomes obvious with the fact that people have started booking for Azani on the official website of Mean metal motors. Let us hope this staggering four wheeler marks its presence in the EV market and lays the foundation of advancement for India with its impressive design and technology.

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