Guidelines for Beginners on How to Purchase a Low Budget Car

After buying a home, the second most important decision we usually make is how to buy a cheap and affordable car. Looking for a good model with good comfort and new features with the right accessories a car should have, there are too many numerous factors that a perfect car should have. Many questions like which will be the best car I should buy now? What are the
best features a car should contain? What should be my preferable budget? What type of insurance should I take for my car? These are some of the questions that usually pop up in every car buyer’s mind. And here in this article, 10 guidelines will answer all of these questions, which is a perfect guide to buying a car.

1.Plan and fix your budget-

The first and foremost step in buying a car is to determine and decide the budget. There are two methods by which you can purchase a car. first is the one-time payment method, and the second is the EMI method. If you opt for an EMI, make sure it does not affect your monthly expenditure. Buying a car is not only a single cost you will be paying for. There will
be many other additional charges attached to it like maintenance cost, fuel cost, insurance, Tax, etc.

2.Decide the body type-

After determining your budget, you have to decide the body type for a vehicle. A body type includes the design, looks, space, etc. Essentially there are four body types namely sedan, MPV, SUB, and hatchback. This mentioned body type further has different subcategories. When choosing a car, you need to be cautious and plan according to your preferences. let’s say you may think of buying a 6-seater car which will be perfect for your family vacation trip, but if you think about the rest of the days, the remaining extra seats are a waste of space. Keep it in your mind to buy a car required by you.

3.Comprehend your daily running-

Today CNG is booming alternatively. This gives a greater challenge to the Supply of electric vehicles and petrol engine vehicles. So, choosing your daily running is important to make a plan before purchasing a car. Diesel is less expensive than Petrol and also gives you better mileage, but a diesel engine car will be of higher cost price than the petrol engine car. Now it is up to you to choose and take your decision prudently.

4.Resale value-

It is quite important to know about the resale value as purchasing a car is one of the crucial decisions one makes in their lifetime. With increasing, passing year depreciation of the vehicle also increases, and nobody would like to drop a huge amount on a car for nothing but only passing years. It is always wiser to purchase a car with a higher resale value. Maruti Suzuki Swift, Toyota Etios, Hyundai Grand i10 are some of the cars which have high resale value. No matter whenever you decide to sell it off.

5.A car with safety features-

Brag for a car that has all the safety features in it. As per the Indian government, they have been revising the safety norms for both two-wheeled vehicles and four-wheeled vehicles. Before coming up with any decisions it is necessary to double-check all those factors and safety features a car should contain. Make sure that it has electronic stability control, autonomous emergency braking, reverse parking sensor, dual airbag, etc.

6.Choose efficient car insurance-

It is extremely important to take car insurance because it not only protects your purchase but also protects you while driving on the road. One can simply go for comprehensive car insurance, which provides add-ons to cover the depreciation of the car with third-party liability coverage. It also provides consumable covers such as screws, Nuts, Bolts, Grease, lubricant, AC gas.

7.Look for different options-

Looking for another dealership is a wiser and smart move. You can compare and can know about the lowest cost of the specific car that can offer you. You can negotiate the price with the dealer and come to a good decision. In addition to that, you can know about the varying prices according to a different location.

8.Always go for a test drive-

Nevertheless, you took research about your specific car and its features on the internet, but you should never neglect to take your time to go for a test drive. Ensure that you feel happy and satisfied while driving it.

9.Avoid buying an extended warranty –

The extended warranty provided by the dealer is often costly and only provides minimum coverage. This warranty doesn’t usually cover mechanical failures. To cover the damage cost of a new car, make sure it has a manufacturer’s warranty.

10.Recognize and understand your choosing vehicle-

When you are aware of your requirements like brands, brand price, types of body cover. It is easier to choose two or three convenient vehicles from the vast basket of cars. But before you go further to your last step, try to understand the vehicle. It is always better to go for basic research and a test drive. It is important to find out how you feel behind the wheel of your chosen car. Always take a minimum of half an hour for a test drive inside the city or on the highway because it will help you make a clear decision.

Since buying a car is an important decision you should always go for thorough research and find out the best deal possible. There are various aspects available on the internet that would help you make the right decision.

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