How Often You Should Get Your Car Serviced

Are you wondering how often you should get your car serviced? Well,
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According to a survey, car owners are advised to send their cars for
service every six months!

● Why should you get your car serviced?

Many Car owners can perform the basic check by themselves, and you
might feel your car is fine just by inspecting but can miss some technical
aspects. So, it is always better to get professional assistance. Moreover,
your vehicle is like your family member, and its regular maintenance will not
only increase its durability but also can improve its life and boosts its

When should you get your car serviced?

If you use your car more frequently and don’t get time from your busy
the schedule then bring your car serviced once in a year and service and this
should be periodic and alternating between primary service and minor
It is always better to get your car serviced before going on any road trip,
terrain or rough roads, mountains, long-distance traveling as there would
be no chance of any anomalies, and your journey would be smooth.

● How often should you service your car?

 Generally, it is good to do a full car service twice a year, But it also
depends on which model or company’s car you own. Read the car
manual and accordingly choose what suits best for your vehicle.
Nowadays, cars have a self-diagnostic feature that warns them of
any service requirement. This feature is handy and keeps you
updated about your car.

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