Effects of Lockdown on Cars

The pandemic situation due to COVID-19 has affected drastically to many industries all over the world. Many organizations have switched themselves as “work from home” because of which cars are adversely affected. If your car is parked for several days and in this situation, it is not safe to take your car to a nearby garage then you should follow some necessary precautions to make sure that your car is in running condition when you need it for an urgent drive.

It is always necessary to keep your vehicle in a healthy condition so that after this pandemic you do not face any problem due to issues in battery, engine, or brake caliper. Here is the list of seven important steps to prevent your car from adverse problems due to lockdown.

1.Check your battery regularly.

Usually, car batteries get discharged with time and the easiest way to prevent this is to drive your car regularly but due to this pandemic situation you cannot often take your car for a drive not only this but climate also affects the car battery. It also depends on whether you have parked your car indoors or outdoors. You can do two things to check that you can disconnect the battery wire which helps in the prevention of drain out of charge. Alternatively, you can just start your car once a week and let it run for 10 to 15 minutes to keep everything working.

2.Prevent rusting of the brake caliper.

It is quite common that brake calipers are liable to rust when they are kept out of work for a long period. Also using your hand brakes is a factor that leads to rusting of the brake caliper. To avoid funny noises on applying the brakes after lockdown ends, worst low friction, and inconvenience while driving try not to use a handbrake. You can use your car gears, tire strokes to keep your car moving in a stationary position.

3.Losing off tire pressure.

It is a must to park your car in a safe place. There are many places in India where car parking issues are very common. Cars are leftover on the roadside and the problem within the cars increases. It should be under a shed so that it does not get exposed to sunlight. Direct sunlight on cars affects the painting, tire pressure, and the inside material due to high temperature.

4.The stocking of petrol should be avoided.

Thinking as stocking up petrol into your vehicle is a good idea is of course a myth. You can stock petrol in any other container rather than storing it in your car. The average amount of petrol can do your job in any case of emergency.

5.Choosing the right parking spot.

Not everyone has a parking facility. Looking for a long time on a penetrable and porous surface absorb dirt and moisture into your car for causing rust. Parking pavement is always a decent place to park.

6.If in essential services, take extra care.

Due to this lockdown car dealerships are being shut and if you are taking your car for a regular drive even in this situation because your job comes under services like medical services, police service, media service, etc. You must take some extra care of your car. Avoid driving fast even if the road is empty, Keep checking the level of your engine oil as well as the fuel pump. If in any case, you confront any damage, cross-check and keep a record of the replaced equipment after servicing your car.

7.Use of car cover.

Typically, a car cover can always protect the paint of your car. If you park your car under a tree where birds are known to assemble then it is an absolute disaster. Bird poop can damage your car’s paint within an hour. Make sure that you put the cover on your car after you have cleaned it. Because a dirty cover can do much more harm than doing any good to it.  The dirty cover can rub and erode your paint over time.

Drawing this to close, these are several steps that you can follow to maintain your car during a lockdown. Little and basic care can keep your car irreproachable and in good condition for further emergency purposes.

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