Early booking a car for a trip can be bang on satisfaction and relief from a burden. Many companies provide various types of cars for rental purposes plus full maintenance services. In this article, you will learn about four simple ways to book a car with less money.

1.Early booking of rental car

The best way to get the cheapest deal on car booking is to book a rental car in advance; this saves time and burden during peak travel time. Booking earlier gives you the benefit of choosing the exact car you are after. Last moment booking has no guarantee of getting a car
of your wish and with an exclusive discount. For example, if you are looking for a rental car during the school summer holiday or on any other occasion, you won’t get a variety of options as per your need. Hence you should always avoid last moment booking. Different rental companies provide different fuel policies. One of the most common is ‘full to full,’ which means you can pick the car up with a full tank and can return it with a full tank. This is generally the cheapest option as you only pay for the fuel you use. Many car rental companies use a ‘full to empty’ policy where you don’t have to refill the tank. This can work out more costly because they may charge service fees on top of the fuel price of the specified car. And you could be stuck with the option of returning the car with petrol still in the tank, or risk running on fumes for that final leg back to the airport.

2. Determine the right time

Many car rental companies charge rental fees in 24-hour blocks. Always keep in mind that if you are picking up a car early morning, then try to drop off the car as early as possible. Even if you are half an hour late to drop off the car or you took one-hour extra time due to traffic, they will be charging extra day money. So it is always good to make a proper schedule from your departure time to returning to your specified destination so that you can know the probable time to book the rental car. If you’re heading out on a memorable road trip, it makes sense to share the driving, but adding on an additional driver can raise car hire price, specifically if they’re under 25. If you are able to move out with one driver for the whole holiday, then it could save you quite a bit of money. If you certainly want to share the driving, look out for special ‘free additional drivers’ which can make a big distinction to the cost.

3.Choosing a smart size

Be practical and think wiser while choosing a car. You should never rely on the fancy and sporty soft top of the car instead of going for functionality while choosing the desired car. Always pay attention to what you exactly need from a rental car in terms of size, cost, etc. You should also never neglect the fuel charges involved in it. If you are going for a lot of traveling sessions then it is wiser to pick a car that goes unchallenging on fuel charges.

4.Go for a value insurance

When considering the best value insurance, it may not make any sense because it will take out extra money from your pocket when trying to save money, but it is essential to think about the pros and cons of your driving session. It is necessary to make a proper plan for a safe trip. You should pay attention to the risk of shelling out if something goes wrong. Various insurance deals come up with their basic cover. If your rental car gets stolen or damaged, the company will charge you excessively. Hence it is better to take insurance to pay off risk and uncertainty. Since now you are aware of these four simple ways to book a car with less money.

Always keep all these factors in your mind with more money in your pocket to enjoy your ride.
Happy Travelling!

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