Q: What is carjoz?

A: Carjoz is one of a kind car maintenance and repair solution which caters all kind of service needs of a car.

Q: What is carjoz premium service?

A: Carjoz premium service is a bonus package for car owners.In this carjoz collects  your car,get the service done and delivers back to you maintaining the highest quality of work.We also give you live updates when your car is with us.

Q: What is carjoz regular service?

A: You can drop your car at any carjoz service station at available slot of your booking. Don’t worry we will take care after that. We will keep you updated until all work is done.

Q: What are charges for servicing ?

A: Believe it! We have the most competitive prices. Totally fair and transparent pricing for services done at carjoz.Check Packages pricing section for more.

Q:What are modes of payment?

A: Currently we have only cash payment mode.

Q: Where can I avail Carjoz service?

A: We are currently serving in Hyderabad city. We would be coming soon to your place if you are not in Hyderabad. Drop us a mail if you are excited about us.